2022 Schedule

Text All Game Results to Paul 236-458-1358 the night of the game.
- (including cancellations and rainouts).

IdDateStart TimeHome TeamAway TeamFldHome
041Mon, Apr 11th7:00 pmBrew JaysBallistics593
042Mon, Apr 11th7:00 pmRattlersPounders6717
043Mon, Apr 11th7:00 pmSons of PitchesSlammers71515
044Mon, Apr 11th7:00 pmThe DuckersTailgaters8126
047Tue, Apr 12th7:00 pmOdd BallzNo Chucks Given71019
048Tue, Apr 12th7:00 pmMission AccomplishedMisfits858
049Wed, Apr 13th7:00 pmThe HosersThe Duckers5414
050Wed, Apr 13th7:00 pmSlammersRattlers6112
051Wed, Apr 13th7:00 pmBallisticsDewdney Ballers7102
052Wed, Apr 13th7:00 pmTailgatersSons of Pitches81122
053Thu, Apr 14th7:00 pmMisfitsBrew Jays5216
054Thu, Apr 14th7:00 pmPoundersOdd Ballz687
056Thu, Apr 14th7:00 pmNo Chucks GivenMission Accomplished81411
073Tue, Apr 19th7:00 pmSlammersPounders5179
075Tue, Apr 19th7:00 pmNo Chucks GivenMisfits71310
077Wed, Apr 20th7:00 pmBrew JaysDewdney Ballers5200
081Thu, Apr 21st7:00 pmPoundersNo Chucks Given5915
085Fri, Apr 22nd7:00 pmThe HosersTailgaters5620
087Fri, Apr 22nd7:00 pmRattlersOdd Ballz797
088Fri, Apr 22nd7:00 pmMisfitsBallistics81312
099Mon, Apr 25th7:00 pmBallisticsTailgaters71523
100Mon, Apr 25th7:00 pmThe HosersSons of Pitches8219
101Tue, Apr 26th7:00 pmNo Chucks GivenBrew Jays546
102Tue, Apr 26th7:00 pmSlammersOdd Ballz6196
103Tue, Apr 26th7:00 pmMisfitsDewdney Ballers7ForfeitWin
106Wed, Apr 27th7:00 pmMission AccomplishedBallistics676
107Wed, Apr 27th7:00 pmTailgatersRattlers71319
108Wed, Apr 27th7:00 pmSons of PitchesPounders8129
109Thu, Apr 28th7:00 pmOdd BallzMisfits51211
110Thu, Apr 28th7:00 pmBrew JaysThe Duckers6158
114Fri, Apr 29th7:00 pmPoundersMission Accomplished61511
115Fri, Apr 29th7:00 pmRattlersNo Chucks Given7421
116Fri, Apr 29th7:00 pmMisfitsThe Hosers8219
127Mon, May 2nd7:00 pmThe HosersSlammers7822
128Mon, May 2nd7:00 pmBrew JaysTailgaters8235
129Tue, May 3rd7:00 pmMisfitsThe Duckers51514
132Tue, May 3rd7:00 pmOdd BallzBrew Jays8102
133Wed, May 4th7:00 pmDewdney BallersSlammers5220
135Wed, May 4th7:00 pmRattlersMission Accomplished71121
136Wed, May 4th7:00 pmBallisticsThe Duckers876
141Fri, May 6th7:00 pmNo Chucks GivenBallistics51312
142Fri, May 6th7:00 pmPoundersMisfits6206
143Fri, May 6th7:00 pmMission AccomplishedThe Hosers71413
144Fri, May 6th7:00 pmThe DuckersRattlers81011
153Mon, May 9th7:00 pmDewdney BallersBallistics518
154Mon, May 9th7:00 pmThe HosersRattlers6163
155Mon, May 9th7:00 pmSlammersMission Accomplished7131
156Mon, May 9th7:00 pmMisfitsTailgaters8816
157Tue, May 10th7:00 pmSons of PitchesNo Chucks Given5141
159-113Tue, May 10th7:00 pmDewdney BallersTailgaters7917
160Tue, May 10th7:00 pmPoundersBrew Jays868
161Wed, May 11th7:00 pmTailgatersOdd Ballz5614
162Wed, May 11th7:00 pmBallisticsSlammers61616
163Wed, May 11th7:00 pmMission AccomplishedThe Duckers7721
164-080Wed, May 11th7:00 pmSons of PitchesRattlers81615
169Fri, May 13th7:00 pmRattlersMisfits577
170Fri, May 13th7:00 pmOdd BallzBallistics6141
171Fri, May 13th7:00 pmNo Chucks GivenThe Hosers771
172Fri, May 13th7:00 pmThe DuckersPounders8711
181Mon, May 16th7:00 pmBallisticsRattlers5121
183Mon, May 16th7:00 pmMission AccomplishedTailgaters71410
184Mon, May 16th7:00 pmThe HosersPounders81013
185Tue, May 17th7:00 pmOdd BallzDewdney Ballers5153
186Tue, May 17th7:00 pmMisfitsSons of Pitches6922
187Tue, May 17th7:00 pmNo Chucks GivenThe Duckers71611
189Wed, May 18th7:00 pmRattlersBrew Jays5310
191Wed, May 18th7:00 pmOdd BallzThe Hosers72010
192Wed, May 18th7:00 pmPoundersBallistics8146
194Thu, May 19th7:00 pmThe DuckersSons of Pitches6711
195Thu, May 19th7:00 pmDewdney BallersMission Accomplished7115
196Thu, May 19th7:00 pmTailgatersNo Chucks Given8129
213Tue, May 24th7:00 pmBrew JaysNo Chucks Given5107
214Tue, May 24th7:00 pmMisfitsOdd Ballz6816
215Tue, May 24th7:00 pmPoundersSons of Pitches7417
216Tue, May 24th7:00 pmSlammersThe Duckers8163
217Wed, May 25th7:00 pmDewdney BallersRattlers5220
218-134Wed, May 25th7:00 pmTailgatersPounders6410
219Wed, May 25th7:00 pmBallisticsMission Accomplished778
220-137Wed, May 25th7:00 pmSons of PitchesOdd Ballz891
226Fri, May 27th7:00 pmThe HosersMisfits6412
227Fri, May 27th7:00 pmSons of PitchesThe Duckers7187
228Fri, May 27th7:00 pmMission AccomplishedPounders887
237Mon, May 30th7:00 pmRattlersSlammers5315
238Mon, May 30th7:00 pmSons of PitchesTailgaters6105
239Mon, May 30th7:00 pmThe DuckersDewdney Ballers7164
240Mon, May 30th7:00 pmBallisticsBrew Jays827
241-139-086Tue, May 31st7:00 pmDewdney BallersThe Duckers5322
242Tue, May 31st7:00 pmNo Chucks GivenOdd Ballz687
243Tue, May 31st7:00 pmMisfitsMission Accomplished71720
244-168Tue, May 31st7:00 pmBrew JaysSons of Pitches8100
245Wed, Jun 1st7:00 pmTailgatersThe Duckers598
246Wed, Jun 1st7:00 pmPoundersRattlers6123
247Wed, Jun 1st7:00 pmSlammersSons of Pitches7149
248Wed, Jun 1st7:00 pmThe HosersBallistics8911
249Thu, Jun 2nd7:00 pmMission AccomplishedNo Chucks Given51411
250Thu, Jun 2nd7:00 pmBrew JaysMisfits6105
251-221Thu, Jun 2nd7:00 pmOdd BallzSlammers7118
265Mon, Jun 6th7:00 pmPoundersThe Hosers51410
266Mon, Jun 6th7:00 pmMission AccomplishedSons of Pitches61125
267Mon, Jun 6th7:00 pmSlammersBrew Jays765
268Mon, Jun 6th7:00 pmTailgatersBallistics872
271Tue, Jun 7th7:00 pmThe DuckersNo Chucks Given7513
272Tue, Jun 7th7:00 pmMisfitsSlammers8416
273Wed, Jun 8th7:00 pmThe HosersOdd Ballz5611
274Wed, Jun 8th7:00 pmBallisticsPounders61015
275Wed, Jun 8th7:00 pmTailgatersMission Accomplished7168
276Wed, Jun 8th7:00 pmBrew JaysRattlers8116
281Fri, Jun 10th7:00 pmNo Chucks GivenTailgaters587
284Fri, Jun 10th7:00 pmPoundersDewdney Ballers8123
287-074Fri, Jun 10th7:50 pmOdd BallzMission Accomplished7213
305Mon, Jun 13th7:00 pmSlammersThe Hosers5157
306Mon, Jun 13th7:00 pmBallisticsNo Chucks Given6815
307Mon, Jun 13th7:00 pmMission AccomplishedRattlers7812
308Mon, Jun 13th7:00 pmTailgatersBrew Jays818
313Tue, Jun 14th7:00 pmMisfitsPounders5153
314-167Tue, Jun 14th7:00 pmNo Chucks GivenDewdney Ballers698
331Thu, Jun 16th7:00 pmNo Chucks GivenSlammers71224
337Fri, Jun 17th7:00 pmDewdney BallersBrew Jays5222
338Fri, Jun 17th7:00 pmPoundersTailgaters6118
339Fri, Jun 17th6:30 pmOdd BallzSons of Pitches71020
340Fri, Jun 17th6:30 pmThe DuckersMisfits869
343-126Fri, Jun 17th7:50 pmBallisticsSons of Pitches7315
344Fri, Jun 17th7:50 pmThe DuckersOdd Ballz81212
361Mon, Jun 20th7:00 pmBallisticsOdd Ballz5419
362Mon, Jun 20th7:00 pmThe DuckersBrew Jays6716
363Mon, Jun 20th7:00 pmThe HosersDewdney Ballers7127
364Mon, Jun 20th7:00 pmMission AccomplishedSlammers8420
369-193Tue, Jun 21st6:30 pmSlammersMisfits5182
371Tue, Jun 21st6:30 pmBrew JaysPounders796
377Wed, Jun 22nd7:00 pmSlammersBallistics5175
378Wed, Jun 22nd7:00 pmOdd BallzTailgaters684
379Wed, Jun 22nd7:00 pmThe DuckersMission Accomplished7174
380Wed, Jun 22nd7:00 pmRattlersThe Hosers81413
385-278Thu, Jun 23rd6:30 pmSons of PitchesMisfits5132
387Thu, Jun 23rd6:30 pmPoundersThe Duckers71312
388Thu, Jun 23rd6:30 pmSlammersDewdney Ballers8142
393Fri, Jun 24th6:30 pmThe HosersNo Chucks Given5611
394Fri, Jun 24th6:30 pmTailgatersMisfits61810
397Fri, Jun 24th7:50 pmSons of PitchesBrew Jays544
398Fri, Jun 24th7:50 pmDewdney BallersPounders6213
417Mon, Jun 27th6:30 pmSons of PitchesThe Hosers5196
418Mon, Jun 27th6:30 pmRattlersTailgaters6108
419Mon, Jun 27th6:30 pmMission AccomplishedBrew Jays7117
420Mon, Jun 27th6:30 pmThe DuckersSlammers8512
424-283Mon, Jun 27th7:50 pmOdd BallzThe Duckers8311
425Tue, Jun 28th6:30 pmSlammersNo Chucks Given5123
427Tue, Jun 28th6:30 pmSons of PitchesBallistics7225
428-322Tue, Jun 28th6:30 pmBrew JaysOdd Ballz8810
433Wed, Jun 29th6:30 pmThe DuckersBallistics5168
434Wed, Jun 29th6:30 pmBrew JaysThe Hosers6213
435Wed, Jun 29th6:30 pmTailgatersDewdney Ballers71211
436Wed, Jun 29th6:30 pmSons of PitchesMission Accomplished8910
439-057Wed, Jun 29th7:50 pmDewdney BallersThe Hosers7128
473Mon, Jul 4th6:30 pmPoundersSlammers51212
474Mon, Jul 4th6:30 pmTailgatersThe Hosers61712
475Mon, Jul 4th6:30 pmRattlersSons of Pitches758
476Mon, Jul 4th6:30 pmBrew JaysMission Accomplished8144
483Tue, Jul 5th6:30 pmMisfitsNo Chucks Given71013
484-190Tue, Jul 5th6:30 pmTailgatersSlammers8511
489Wed, Jul 6th6:30 pmSlammersTailgaters5185
490Wed, Jul 6th6:30 pmRattlersDewdney Ballers6WinForfeit
491Wed, Jul 6th6:30 pmThe HosersBrew Jays7322
492Wed, Jul 6th6:30 pmMission AccomplishedOdd Ballz8128
500Thu, Jul 7th6:30 pmNo Chucks GivenPounders8516
505-323Fri, Jul 8th6:30 pmThe HosersMission Accomplished589
506Fri, Jul 8th6:30 pmBallisticsMisfits61324
507Fri, Jul 8th6:30 pmSons of PitchesDewdney Ballers7WinForfeit
508Fri, Jul 8th6:30 pmOdd BallzRattlers896
510-078Fri, Jul 8th7:50 pmBallisticsThe Hosers6417
512Fri, Jul 8th7:50 pmDewdney BallersOdd Ballz8ForfeitWin
529-255Mon, Jul 11th6:30 pmThe DuckersThe Hosers547
530-254Mon, Jul 11th6:30 pmDewdney BallersSons of Pitches61324
531-256Mon, Jul 11th6:30 pmOdd BallzPounders71213
532-280-182Mon, Jul 11th6:30 pmBrew JaysSlammers876
533-324Mon, Jul 11th7:50 pmRattlersThe Duckers51413
540-279Tue, Jul 12th6:30 pmDewdney BallersNo Chucks Given8MakeupRainout
548-282Wed, Jul 13th6:30 pmRattlersBallistics8Makeup (V)Rescheduled
552Wed, Jul 13th7:50 pmNo Chucks GivenRattlers8Makeup (H)Rescheduled
553-223Thu, Jul 14th6:30 pmMission AccomplishedDewdney Ballers5MakeupRainout
555-372Thu, Jul 14th6:30 pmNo Chucks GivenSons of Pitches7MakeupRainout
557Thu, Jul 14th7:50 pmDewdney BallersMisfits5MakeupRainout
561Fri, Jul 15th6:30 pmMisfitsRattlers5
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