SPN Approved Bats

All bats used in Mission Slopitch must meet SPN Bat Policy: SPN Bat Policy

2024 SloPitch National Rule Book

League Modified Rules

  • A girl may not be thrown out at first base by any fielder.
  • All teams must have matching shirts for every game.
  • Each team will receive enough new balls for 1 of each of their home games. You are to supply one new, and one used ball per game.
  • Each team will supply a set of bases. The home team will set them up.
  • All teams must email scores to [email protected] the night of the game.
  • There is no 150' line.

SPN Rules Reinforced

  • Maximum 6 runs per inning to match SPN 4-4-F. "In all divisions, a 6 run rule will be used in each inning except when an inning is declared an "open inning" by the umpire, and each inning thereafter."
  • Mercy is 12 Runs as per SPN rule 4-4E. "The mercy rule (12 runs) is in effect after five or more complete innings (or four and a half innings, if the home team has scored the 12 runs to mercy). The mercy rule applies after 4-1/2, 5, 5-1/2, 6, etc. The home team must have as many opportunities to bat (to tie or win the game) as the visiting team. In all divisions a mercy rule of 12 runs after 5 innings and 20 runs after 4 innings will apply to all games including finals. In any inning where the mercy rule applies, a team is allowed to score enough runs to bring them inside the run spread. (example: A team that trails by 18 runs in the 5th inning will be allowed to score up to 7 runs to get inside the 12 run rule.)"